6 Reasons Your Business Hires Google Cloud Platform

We know that implementing a modern infrastructure is the great trigger to achieve certain business objectives. The Google Cloud Platform was created for this: it is Google’s cloud computing platform and was born so that companies are able to adapt their infrastructure more easily and still offers a series of cloud-based services with high performance, security and reliability. In this post, we will present 6 reasons to hire the Google Cloud Platform.

1) Extremely effective analysis and data

The Google BigQuery, Google Cloud Datalab and Google Cloud Dataproc perform well when it comes to transform data into valuable business information and infrastructure. Queries that took days are now answered in minutes or seconds. As a result, more insights can add value to the platform’s own use.

2) No operation, only code (No-ops)

Adopting the practice of No-ops (No operations, no operations, just code) means dedicating the most precious cycles to coding and the shortest possible time to configure the infrastructure. Software, engines of the modern economy, and should increasingly bring ease to create, maintain and scale as the needs for traffic and data storage change faster.

App Engine provides native load balancing, micro-services, authorization, SQL and NoSQL databases, memcache, traffic splitting, logging, search, versioning, deployments, rollbacks, and security checking, enabling zero to thousands or millions of users without any effort.

According to Google, this is how time spent on tasks such as adding servers, adjusting network settings, and making technology work properly may thus be more focused on innovation.

3) Advantageous prices

“Customer-friendly principles” make up the Google product strategy for capturing users. The Google Cloud Platform can be, on average, 60% cheaper than other clouds, with 0 inbound. Google Compute Engine even lowered prices in the last 3 years.

The company itself has created estimates of the initial rate alternatives.

4) Innovation in Data Centers

No need to talk about the magnitude of the giant’s data centers, right? In this video, they present their equipment in a 360º video (in English).

The high availability of this platform comes from a large-scale internal infrastructure, with more than 500 high-caliber specialists working for the data centers considered the greenest or most ecological in the world today.

Innovative solutions such as Nearline Storage, Custom Machine Types, and preemptive VMs enable you to adapt the Cloud Platform to your workload and budget.

5) Security

The Google security model includes the physical security of the data center. The Cloud Platformenjoys the same security model, with security as the central requirement, the platform meets standards and certifications of security compliance.

Customers rely on independent verification of protection, privacy, and compliance controls. Google is subjected to numerous and frequent third-party independent audits, in which an independent auditor examines controls in data centers, infrastructure, and operations.

The Cloud Platform is in compliance with the best certifications, such as ISO 27001, SOC 2/3 and PCI DSS 3.0. As part of Google’s strict privacy privacy standards and Google’s commitment to customers, Google Cloud Platform offers contract terms in the European model for customers subject to the EU Data Protection Directive.

6) We can help

Our company monitors and helps implement the largest cloud computing platforms on the market. Here are ways we can help you implement the Google Cloud Platform :


1 – Our certified specialists will be able to support the transition of the client’s current environment so that the process is safe, transparent and successful.
2 – Regarding local billing, currently “GCP” is billed to the credit card. This creates a lot of problems for the customer as well as the obscure costs of taxes, tourism dollar, etc. But we are direct partners of Google, and through us, the customer already makes the purchase in local currency, with regularized taxes, bank bill, commercial dollar (which has a lower variation than the tourism dollar) and invoice.
3 – We have as a differential the broad support to our customers. Many do not deal well with direct support service with Google.

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